We know that right now there is a lot of uncertainty in the market. We made this video to talk about how we think in times like this.

This video describes 3 helpful strategies for charitable gifting .

This video is a helpful explanation of how we think about fund picking (hint: we don't recommend it!) .

This video is a helpful explanation of how we think about market volatility .

We hope that through this video, the value that can be brought to the financial planning process by a trustworthy advisor will be made clear.

In our third video Dr. David Ashby discusses the results of conventional methods of investing and how they consistently underperform their benchmarks.

In this second video in our series on the Mustard Seed Difference, Dr. David Ashby discusses popular investment approaches that many people take. In the videos to follow we will show a better way to look at Wealth Management that is backed up by decades of research. We hope you enjoy this series.

Mustard Seed is a Wealth Management Firm that seeks to help clients make smart decisions with their money so they can spend their time doing what they love. Dr. David Ashby explains why it is important to invest in the market versus remaining in cash.