In 2002 J. David Ashby and Darla Williams founded Mustard Seed Financial, LLC, a fee only advisory firm in Magnolia, AR. The company name comes from the biblical description of the mustard seed. They are the smallest of seeds that grow into a tree the birds can nest in, a good reference to what can happen to an individual’s finances with proper planning.

The Mustard See approach is to invest in diversified portfolios while paying close attention to the tax ramifications of all your financial decisions. In 2005, they opened a location in El Dorado under the management of now partner and advisor Bruce Butterfield. With David and Darla’s approach firmly set in place Mustard Seed continues to grow with its home office in Magnolia which is managed by partner and advisor Angie Glass.

Jonathan Baird, a longtime advisor and CFO of Peoples Bank, became a partner in 2014 and heads our Peoples Bank location in Magnolia. That same year Mustard Seed expanded its services to Hope with an office managed by advisor and junior partner Laurie Pinner. Most recently Mustard Seed has established an office in Texarkana with the addition of Brett Brezski to the team. The firm continues to adhere to the founders approach. Our mission is to help successful families and individuals make wise decisions with their money so they can spend their time doing what they love.

With a combined experience of over 60 years in comprehensive financial planning, our team serves clients, businesses, and foundations across several states.